Vic Park Arts Season Mural Workshops – FREE

This youth workshop is part of a month-long celebration of creativity in Vic Park. Running from the 1st – 30th April 2023. Get your FREE ticket here.

Looking for creative art workshops, community engagement workshops, youth mural mentorship workshops, abstract painting workshops and corporate creative workshops in Perth and in your regional town?

Working with a broad section of the community including youth, I design and facilitate creative art workshops with a difference. Participants require no previous artistic experience or ability. I teach a broad range of skills from the basic principals of design, form, line and colour theory, through to composition and how to create balanced designs.

My mural-based outcome workshops offer far more than a standard ‘paint by numbers’ experience. Participants learn and leave with the creative skills to enable creation of their own artistic projects. I do not teach people to simply replicate a painting, nor my own style. Through a series of exercises, participants unlock their own inner creative style, which they then use to create artwork unique to their individuality.

As a mother of two, I am passionate about working with young people. Creative learning workshops are an excellent outlet, assisting with mental health and general wellbeing. Guiding young people in the development of artistic skills which builds their self confidence and self esteem is truly rewarding. I work with developing urban street-style artworks and mixed media using aerosol and acrylic paint.

If you’re a school looking for an inspiring creative workshop run by a known Perth artist, please get in touch. I tailor content to suit anticipated outcomes. For mural-based outcomes, I facilitate students through the ideas phase, themes, design, composition before they learn how to transfer small scale artwork into large scale mural art. Finishing with a range of paint brush and/or aerosol spray can skills. Leaving your school with an artwork which is unique to your school and students who feel pride and ownership of the work. Aspiring artists are then armed with the knowledge and skills to apply to their own mural projects.

In addition, I design and facilitate creative activities for festivals and events such as live painting (by me) and painting that the community participates in.

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What my clients say:

UpBeat Events – working in conjunction with the Subiaco Community Group – SubiAction – put the call out for an artist to design and deliver two large (15m x 3m) murals as part of the 2017 Subiaco Street Party. We selected the concepts by Sioux Tempestt for their modern contemporary design and bright colours.

The murals were painted on the road surface on Hay Street, Subiaco, live at the event by community participants, supervised by Sioux and her team. Sioux provided all materials including specialty paints and delivered the project in the one day available. The murals came up a treat and are still looking fantastic more than a year later. The community enjoyed the event at the festival with people of all ages getting to take part and paint.

I have no hesitation to highly recommend Sioux for any artistic projects including murals. She was a pleasure to work with and very professional interacting with the community. 

Ken Allen

Production Director, Upbeat Events