What a busy 12 months it’s been and I’m appreciative of having a few days off to relax and reflect.
Through my art practice I participated in 18 group exhibitions including one in London, plus I completed several mural and public art commissions. With partners I started an exciting new public art consultancy business CURATE publik, to fill a niche in the Perth public art market. It’s important to me to balance work with leisure to maintain sanity and continue to find creative inspiration. So travel-wise I was lucky to enjoy a trip to Brisbane, a getaway down south, two trips to Sydney and a holiday with my daughters to Europe visiting my incredible 98 year old Nan.
Reflecting on all this makes me realise how much I managed to pack in to the year. My achievements wouldn’t be possible without the support of my partner, my family, friends, colleagues and followers. I am extremely grateful to be surrounded by these people and give humble thanks to all.
Keeping active and fit helps me maintain the level of energy required in order to achieve all I aim for. I’m certainly no superwoman though and something had to give, so last month saw the end of a 5-year contract working as marketing manager for a national franchise. This now frees me up to concentrate solely on the business of art – an exciting proposition!
I’ve always been a goal-setter and list-maker. Ticking off boxes each day helps me feel a sense of achievement, no matter how small. If you’re struggling with vision, procrastination or direction, please give it a try. My plans for 2020 thus far:
  • I’ve been working on a series of mixed media work and plan to have my eighth solo exhibition this year. That’s something I’m really looking forward to as it’s been a while since my last solo show.
  • I have a couple of public art projects in the pipeline already, plus some new workshops.
  • Finding a studio space and organising catch-ups to connect with other Perth creatives are other items on my agenda.
  • I hope to have more time to expand my skill set, read and continue with personal development.
I’m pumped to get stuck in to 2020, form new friendships, collaborate, explore, create and enjoy all that life has to offer.