The inability to attend exhibitions, gigs, theatre and other arts events over the past few weeks left a void in my life as I’m sure it has for many. Cries for financial assistance from the government by our cultural and creative sectors have been largely ignored during the COVID-19 crisis. I’ve also read much debate about the high level of news coverage sports continues to receive, while arts receives virtually none. Yet it is the arts which has continued to support the community in isolation, enjoying films, books, online exhibitions, music and so much more – created by artists.

So I wanted to share my thoughts on the last live gig I attended, as music has a massive impact on my creative output, my general wellbeing and my life:

‘The cliche that music is powerful resonates strongly tonight. Another live music gig down (which would surely count in the hundreds now) and with ringing ears, it has me contemplating: what am I more passionate about – music or art? Music has a captivating hold over me. There’s nothing that connects with me so holistically. It’s far more than aural candy. It’s not just the sonic waves which reverberate within my body. It’s not only the compositions, the chords, the vocals. Nor is it merely the innate compulsion for my body to move with the beat. It’s not only the energy emanating from the sweaty throng of fans. It’s not only the opportunity to experience a favourite band up close and personal. Nor is it just hearing familiar and favourite songs played live. It’s a culmination of these elements in their totality which create a venerated experience. For me, the euphoria of music is unlike any other.’

My gratitude to the revered musos who continue to create and who inspire me.

‘A creative-led recovery will be essential for Australia. A natural source of innovation and collaboration, our creative sector will be essential in helping to rebuild communities and our economy and navigating Australia’s path out of the crisis.’ – Jade Lillie, Head of Sector Development, Australia Council for the Arts