Ever wondered what goes into painting a mural? I was asked about the challenges by the @city_of_joondalup for the Urban Rhythms project.

1. The Perth weather can be challenging when working outdoors, from 40°C one day to raining the next! 🔥 Sometimes the wind can whip the paint off the brush before it gets to the wall. Painting in the sizzling hot sun not only dries the paint before it leaves the brush but the glare makes it extremely difficult to see. The heat can be super draining and some projects are physically demanding.

2. Working on new builds often results in having to change the design on site due to the build not matching the architectural plans. I’ve had walls missing completely and new walls appear. Last minute obstructions often appear (overhead beams, lights, poles, benches, signs etc.) which have to be worked around.

3. Projects rarely run according to schedule which necessitates an ever-changing calendar! Last year I had everything planned with projects nicely spaced out. Delays meant that I ended up with 4 huge projects back-to-back. But I did end up with some unexpected time off while waiting for things to start 😆

4. Access is a big one. Not having clear access to the surface requires logistical planning. Working over raised rocky surfaces or 10m up in a boom lift with obstacles all around plus pedestrians requires a heap of planning (and often a mountain of paperwork)! Working in a boom lift basket or from scaffold restricts movement too.

5. Logistics and supplies. Transporting materials, equipment and supplies to site can be challenging. Lifting big tubs of paint is like a workout at the gym 😆. I invested in a collapsible trolley which means I can load up, trudge to site and offload without too much lugging.

🫣 Confession: sometimes after completing a project, I don’t clean my bushes for several days (okay, maybe even longer). Unloading the car and cleaning are probably my least fave parts of painting a mural.

Despite the challenges, painting murals offers the opportunity to create impactful artworks that contribute to the city’s vibrant cultural landscape. I love what I do and am thankful to do what I love ✨