Mirrabooka Community Hub Mural Project

Mirrabooka Community Hub Mural Project

Mirrabooka Community Hub makeover!

With the artworks spanning across different architectural planes and viewed from all directions, it’s perhaps been one of the most challenging mural projects to date. But also one of the most positive in terms of feedback while working on site. Thanks to the Mirrabooka community and staff for all the kind words and encouragement – your support is much appreciated. It appears the thoughtfully chosen colour palette is a definite hit, adding instant vibrancy to the building. I’m particularly fond of the bollard transformation.

Thanks to the City of Stirling for their commitment to public art and seeing the benefit to communities. Also for their continued support of local artists during these difficult economic times. The City simultaneously commissioned other murals so be sure to check them out if you’re in the area. Big thanks to Sean for helping roll on the paint!

About the artwork:

Giving consideration to the diversity of the population within the City of Stirling and more specifically, the users of the Community Hub, I aimed to create a design with the ability to warmly welcome all.

One aspect with which people of all cultures can relate to is the beauty found within the natural environment. So for the restrained and calming colour palette I drew inspiration from the unique Western Australian perspective of the sun setting over the sea. The sea being symbolic of all people, of calm, peace and spirituality as well as the link between us and rest of the earth.

The graphic elements and patterns are comprised of the delicately detailed beauty found in Australian flora. The soft curves and overlaid flowing lines seek to playfully entice. These flowing lines which are recurrent in my work signify energy and life. Mimicking the curve of the overhead entrance, these lines also link the different architectural planes together. Compositionally, the various shapes aim to achieve balance, echoing the balance we all seek in life.

Titled ‘You’re Welcome!’ my aspiration is for the contemporary artworks to warmly welcome all; to connect, inspire and delight.

Check out the video here.