Cirque Community Mural

Cirque Community Mural

Really fun outcome for the @melvillecityartsandevents Cirque Community Centre 💥

Workshop attendees used coloured paper to form a collage each, then we used viewfinders to select the most interesting section. These sections were incorporated to create the finished design. Using nothing but paper and glue gives people the confidence they might not feel when presented with a blank piece of paper and pencils/paints. Exploring abstraction, colour and composition is for all skill levels. Anyone can create really interesting art with a little guidance.

I think the transition from multiple collages to a single mural is a success. Even though participants created art in their own unique styles, they come together well to create a vibrant artwork. I particularly like the small pieces on the other walls! Thanks to everyone for their creative input at the workshop. The abstract mural makes an ideal backdrop for the space.

Thanks to painting assistant @seaninadifferentworld