Castaways Public Art Sculpture

Castaways Public Art Sculpture

My sculpture ‘Compression’ was selected as a finalist in the @cityofrockingham Castaways Sculpture Awards and installed on the Rockingham foreshore (now available to purchase). The detail photo shows the top section and I love how the colours pop against the blue sky. 💥

It was a long time in the making and a really interesting process working with different materials. The compressed aluminium cans and steel make for a weighty structure, with a solid base hidden underground.

Made from compressed aluminium cans, each section weighs over 20kg but they can be spun to create an ever changing configuration. 🔁

‘Investigating our disposable society and its environmental impact through continued excessive consumerism, the work encourages finding balance through a more minimal lifestyle. The bright colours and form reference commercialisation and the consumer brand advertising used to attract shoppers.’

Big thanks to Sean Byford, Respoke Australia and Art on the Move (for the use of their workshop space). Also to Steve and Jim from Alcoa for their assistance with the instal, making life so much easier! 😁