As any artist will attest, a lot of work goes into holding a solo art show. The conceptualisation process for me is quite lengthly. I like to dedicate a lot of time to the thought process stage before any materials are purchased and any paint hits the canvas. For the people who utter statements like, ‘I can do that’ when they see contemporary art, this is what they don’t realise. It’s not just about the art they are viewing. That is just the end stage. Yes, perhaps they could paint that, but they didn’t. And they didn’t think about creating it either. They didn’t feel the emotions behind the art, they didn’t laugh and cry, dance and anguish over the work, scrap it and start again. And again, striving for perfection. Because ultimately that’s what art is for a lot of artists. It’s work and it’s generally a solitary pursuit.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no ‘woe is me’ in my words. Just trying to enlighten the unenlightened when it comes to the creation of art in any form. It’s not all hard work, a lot of it is highly enjoyable. For me it is a compulsion. When I’m not producing art, I’m thinking about one of the creative projects I currently have underway. I’m writing verses and feigning ghost brush strokes when sleep won’t take me away from my thoughts. When I’ve not produced something for a few days, I get jittery and annoyed with my ‘laziness’.

I hope you enjoy the 20 pieces of abstract art which makes up my current solo show INTERRELATION. I’ll be releasing a short video about the process to give you further insight into my art practice. Thanks for reading.