What if I were to tell to you that being a public artist extends far beyond the creation of a body of work? I believe the essence lies in PEOPLE, COMMUNITY and the cultivation of CONNECTIONS. Forming human connection, practicing active listening, engaging in meaningful conversations and approaching every engagement with an open mind form the narrative foundation for each project. These human interactions of shared experiences foster a sense of belonging within the tapestry of community. 🌻

It’s the PEOPLE I meet along the way in my work who make it a truly special and rewarding experience.

I had the pleasure of working with some wonderful people on the Lakelands station project. On a project of this scale, there’s a huge team working behind the scenes to enable delivery. From collaborating once again with artist @kardy.kreations ; the Local Noongar Reference Group; the Binjareb artists; Mia, Helen and the super supportive team at @apparatus.art.culture ; Sarah at @metronetperth ; Troy, Paulo, Simon and Dean at @adco_constructions ; the PTA crew; Steve at FreoBlast… I thank you all.

Images by @francesandrijich