As artists, we understand the temptation to keep adding brushstrokes, refining details and striving to create our BEST WORK YET. But sometimes less really is MORE. Some of my favourite pieces are the ones where I’ve worked quickly and freely, completing in just one session. I don’t assign monetary value to a work based on the amount of time taken to produce it.

Here’s 5 tips to help you know when to stop and preserve the best of your artwork:

1. Trust your instincts.
Listen to your intuition (and not your inner negative voice 😆). Embrace that feeling of contentment and resist the urge to keep tinkering. This intuition will empower you to create with purpose and authenticity.

2. Step back and reflect.
Take a step back from your artwork and observe from a distance. Sometimes gaining perspective from a different vantage point can help. Working on abstractions, I usually turn the painting upside down and paint that way for a while. I might then leave it in the studio corner for a couple of days and see if it brings me satisfaction or annoyance!

3. Celebrate imperfection.
Embrace the beauty of imperfection. Relish in the spontaneity of brushstrokes and gestural marks. It’s these imperfections that help create your unique style. Personally, I’m drawn to more expressive works as I enjoy the dynamism and emotion, as opposed to a technically proficient painting which looks incredible but doesn’t make me FEEL.

4. Know when to walk away.
Painting can be incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to create something you’ve envisioned. I sometimes either go with the flow and paint something else entirely, or walk away before becoming too annoyed! A new day can bring with it a new perspective.

5. Be kind to yourself.
‘Mistakes’, accidental drips and splashes often end up being the favourite parts of my paintings! So instead of dwelling on perceived flaws, celebrate the courage and creativity it took to bring your vision to life.

Happy creating! ✨