Commissioned by the Town of Victoria Park for Arts Season, a month long celebration during May of all things creative within the town.
Paint kindly sponsored by Dulux.
The mural investigates the various elements of design such as line, colour, shape, form, value and space. The retro style pays tribute to childhood illustration books, some of which I still own and treasure. These books triggered an interest in and passion for art. I started drawing at a very young age, transferring these skills to a career in graphic design and marketing.
The colour palette and elements were inspired by the Town of Victoria Park’s surroundings and the vibrant, diverse demographic.
I’ve completed several large scale murals around Perth and would love to go even bigger than this! It’s challenging painting on a large scale, but also exciting responding to the environment and architecture. I enjoy being physical with the painting process, using my body movements to inform the mark making.
It’s rewarding painting in pubic spaces as it gives the opportunity to engage with the public (as opposed to squirrelling away in a studio). Most of the comments are encouraging and some are downright inspiring. The Vic Park residents were super welcoming and excited that the boring grey wall was finally getting a makeover: ‘Looks like a Picasso, but with a twist’, ‘Is the rainbow going into a bowl of noodles?’. Painting abstraction opens dialogue, as people are genuinely inquisitive to learn about the concept. I feel abstract art offers an excellent level of engagement as it’s open to interpretation. Everyone sees something different, which makes for a diverse experience from a single piece of art.
Huge thanks to Yvette at the Town of Victoria Park for the opportunity to produce the mural. Also to my partner Sean for helping to apply the many coats of Dulux paint and for his ongoing support. I’m extremely proud of the outcome and hope the locals enjoy the vibrant wall for many years to come.