The latest creation in a long line of clothing designs. Residing in the depths of my sketch book for some time, the design finally found the light of day. Now it’s my new fave.

A few years ago I decided I simply MUST have a green windcheater and couldn’t find one anywhere in Perth. This year green seems to be the IN colour #trendsetter 🤣

I’ve always been into fashion and used to make all my own clothes back in high school. Mum ❤️ was an avid sewer, teaching me how to use firstly the old Singer machine (which I still have) and then the more updated model with all the bells and whistles. My handmade pride and joy was a long black coat with pockets that I wore out nightclubbing in my goth days. I recall drawing and hand cutting a stencil to paint up a Jesus and Mary Chain t-shirt, probably because I couldn’t afford to buy one/it didn’t exist in Perth back then.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s and I launched a range of limited edition t-shirts, screen printed onto American Apparel organic cotton. I sold them in my own retail store in Mt Lawley along with other original creations. I still wear some of those t-shirts today as they’ve stood the test of time. Quite unlike the current trend of people getting caught up spending hundreds on cheap clothing ‘hauls’ which quickly end up in landfill. Such unsustainable manufacturing practices are fortunately being called out online, with awareness growing. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s great to see people upcycling and recycling clothing. The results are often far more interesting than the original items! 🌿