I recently had the pleasure of being involved in Benchmark at @centralparkperth – a brilliant arts engagement project supporting local collaborative partnerships.

Over two days the awesome team at @twineideas transformed the space into a vibrant hub of free activations and chill out spaces. It was great to see so many people engaging with and enjoying the event. Thanks to Central Park for the unique canvas, and to the other artists and performers for the fun!

Eight benches have now received a makeover for the enjoyment of city workers and the broader community. Add Central Park to your city destination – there’s a whole mural trail you can discover throughout the @cityofperth too.

About the concept:
For me, the euphoria of music is unlike any other. It has always had the ability to transform my mood and impacts my creative output. As a creator of music (under the pseudonym ABSTRKT XNOIS), when I compose a track I also have a visual aesthetic in mind with each song. It’s often hard to know which comes first – does my music inform my art – or does my art inform the music?

I am fascinated by the connection between hearing and vision senses, and synesthesia (a neurological condition in which information meant to stimulate one of the senses stimulates another one). The most common form of synesthesia is the association between sound and colour (chromesthesia). I often experience this connection.

I gave consideration to the Central Park location, the varied users and how the park punctuates the surrounding architectural landscape. My concept was created in response to upbeat, uplifting music emulating the Spring season. The aim being for the ‘musical painting’ to evoke a synesthetic experience in the viewer, offering a vibrant respite in their day.