val lehman prisonerMeeting Val Lehman from Prisoner

Being an artist is an interesting vocation where you meet people from all walks of life. A few weeks back I saw an advert for art hire Perth and picked up the phone. This resulted in a meeting with one of my TV idols, Val Lehman (AKA Bea Smith from Prisoner). I remember being glued to my TV and never missed an episode of Prisoner. Val was over in Perth to put her Mum’s grand old house on the market. Her 95-year-old Mum had been diagnosed with dementia and the money was needed to pay for her care in a residential facility.

Due to Val being the creative type, she was staging the house for sale herself, and looking for some art to hire and hang in a couple of rooms. The brief was that it had to tie in with the colour scheme of the furniture in the rooms. So off I trundled with a few pieces packed up in the car.

So I’m happy to report that Val was nothing like her on-screen nemesis – she was entertaining and affable!  I held my fandom firmly in check and resisted the urge to request a selfie! Check out the photos with my artworks adorning the walls of this graceful old home (love those red chairs).

Consequently, if you’re looking for art hire Perth, please get in contact. My art hire service includes a consultation to discuss your tastes and colour scheme, plus you’re able to view the art on the wall to make a decision. You can hire art short or long term. It’s an excellent way to style your home, office or event. I look forward to working with interior designers, stylists, building companies and real estate agents.

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